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The House of Gozer Podcast - Geek pop culture

Join these OG geeks as they discuss the latest news from the world of Geek Pop Culture from all corners of genres. Plus TV news, Comic Book News, Toys, Games and so much more. If you like your geek news with a touch of anarchy, this podcast is for you.

Nov 20, 2017

Justice is being served this week as the gang sits down to discuss DC Films Justice League. Full spoilers ahead! Plus in The List this week we name the top five worst DC villains as well as read some of yours as well this week on The House of Gozer podcast

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Nov 14, 2017

This week, A new Star Wars trilogy? Marvel may be buying it’s properties back from Fox? Those two stories alone are enough to blow your mind but wait, can you say Star Wars live action TV show? I know right? This week all our wishes came true and the gang is here to talk your ears off about it. Plus, The alien is...

Nov 7, 2017

This week THOR Ragarok hits the House of Gozer podcast! Was the comedy too much or did it deliver all the comic book movie goods? The gang weighs in. Also Stranger Things 2 gets a full review and THE LIST this weeks ranks your top 5 comic book Movie villains. All that and more this week on The House of Gozer...