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The House of Gozer Podcast - Geek pop culture

Join these OG geeks as they discuss the latest news from the world of Geek Pop Culture from all corners of genres. Plus TV news, Comic Book News, Toys, Games and so much more. If you like your geek news with a touch of anarchy, this podcast is for you.

Jun 4, 2019

This week the king has risen as Godzilla returns to theaters. Did the movie deliver on the promise of more monster action? Find out as we review that as well as the Evil Superman film Brightburn. Update on DC Films Booster Gold and The Suicide Squad, Is the Masters of The Universe Film really going to happen? TV show finales, Supergirl, Doom Patrol, and what was Stan Lee’s last TV project? You won’t believe it. Plus we're talking comics with reviews of Batman: The last knight. Who is Darth Vader’s daddy and what does he do? Find out as we review Darth Vader 25. All this and more on your source for geek pop culture, The House of Gozer Podcast.

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