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The House of Gozer Podcast - Geek pop culture

Join these OG geeks as they discuss the latest news from the world of Geek Pop Culture from all corners of genres. Plus TV news, Comic Book News, Toys, Games and so much more. If you like your geek news with a touch of anarchy, this podcast is for you.

Oct 3, 2017

This week after years and years and questions after questions and rumors after rumors about the DCEU and it’s shared universe the truth comes to light as the gang discusses DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns recent interview about the future of the DC comics films and Characters. The truth or at least the truth for now anyways, will set you free, or maybe just give you a headache. Big Terminator news from James Cameron and Tim Miller on the future of that franchise. Plus, Agents of Shield cancelled? Star Wars: The Last Jedi and are we going back to The Old republic for the next trilogy? A moving tribute to an unforgettable icon and in Honor of Flatliners The List this week has the gang reading your Top 5 best remakes ever. All this and MOre this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.

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