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The House of Gozer Podcast - Geek pop culture

Join these OG geeks as they discuss the latest news from the world of Geek Pop Culture from all corners of genres. Plus TV news, Comic Book News, Toys, Games and so much more. If you like your geek news with a touch of anarchy, this podcast is for you.

Aug 8, 2017

This week Christian is in with a review of the Stephen King adaption of The Dark Tower. Will it have it's place among the finer adapted of King's works or was it just alright alright alright and speaking of Stephen King film adaptions that is what is featured in this weeks The List as we read your submissions for The Best Stephen King film adaptions. Plus  a whole nets worth of DC movie rumors that should be taken with as much salt that's in the sea. The Transformers may have transformed for the last time on screen. The magic of Ian Mc Shane, Watchmen on HBO may H-Blow and You Tube red may teach us once again to wax on and wax off. All that and more this week on The House of Gozer Podcast. 

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