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The House of Gozer Podcast - Geek pop culture

Join these OG geeks as they discuss the latest news from the world of Geek Pop Culture from all corners of genres. Plus TV news, Comic Book News, Toys, Games and so much more. If you like your geek news with a touch of anarchy, this podcast is for you.

Apr 10, 2018

This week never make fun of a superhero’s suit. Zachary Levi (aka Shazam) bumps back as a fan knocks the Shazam suit. Was he is the right? The Avengers 4 rumor mill widens with a connection to the upcoming Captain Marvel. Let’s just say it sounds like “Skulls” When it comes to big sharks nothing is bigger than The Meg and this week the gang goes back in time to another big shark movie. No not that popular one, the other one. Shark Attack 3. The Amazon Lord of the Rings continues to amaze as they add a very well known director as their executive producer. All that plus, the events of the week, A review of Isle of Dogs and Jason’s thoughts on Black Panther. All this and more this week on the House of Gozer podcast.


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